Publication of four research papers in the field of Petroleum Engineering


In his most recent academic works in the field of Petroleum Engineering and how to increase oil production, Assistant Professor, Dr. Abbas Khaksard Manshad, who is a lecturer at Department of Petroleum Engineering of Faculty of Engineering in Soran University, published the following four studies:

1- The Mutual Effects of Injected Fluid and Rock During Imbibition in the Process of Low and High Salinity Carbonated Water Injection into Carbonate Oil Reserves. (Published in: Journal of Molecular Liquids)

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2- (Water oil interfacial tension (IFT) reduction and wettability alteration in surfactant flooding process using extracted saponin from Anabasis Setifera plant) published in: (Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering).

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3- Utilization of methanol and acetone as mutual solvents to reduce interfacial tension (IFT) in enhanced oil recovery process by carbonated smart water injection.
(Published in: Journal of Molecular Liquids).

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4- Primary evaluation of a synthesized surfactant from waste chicken fat as a renewable source for chemical slug injection into carbonate oil reservoirs.
Published in: (Journal of Molecular Liquids).

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Note: It should mentioned that the overall impact factor of the studies is 16.46.