Interest in Learning at the Age of Corona



Is there an end for human desire for learning? Does hardship defeat and exhaust humans? Answers to these questions depend on goals of the people. Human beings’ have goals that decide their desires. The more they insist on achieving their goals and desires, the stronger will they become in the face of difficulties.

Recently, with the shutting down of universities and institutes, life came to a stop because of Coronavirus. Engineer, Mr. Nzar Shakir, Dean’s Assistant of Faculty at Engineering participated in several online courses and activities, and obtained several certificates.

In a short conversation with the university media, Mr. Nizar answered our questions about his experience:

Mr. Nizar started by saying that majority of us may have considered this recent period as a relaxation and holiday time, but I felt from the beginning that it is not always about resting, but to  rest may be achieving something, pursuing your interests which you could not follow because of routines, difficulties, and field specialties.

He continued and said, firstly, one of the fields that I was interested in studying was civil engineering, but later I was able to my study in another filed which was also my second interest (Electric Engineering and Solar Energy). My love for civil engineering was still in my heart, but being busy with university work and my scientific affairs, I could not follow my interest until coronavirus stopped life in some way. Then I decided to move forward and take advantage of this opportunity.

Engineer Nizar bought and took some online courses to follow his interest. A he stated; after buying the courses, and even though I could have competed them soon, I allotted an hour for them every day, and provided the other time to work on the subject matter to strengthen my knowledge about them until I was able to obtain four certificates.  This is in addition to some free courses related to my field and some others.

(Project management in solar energy and structural design, concrete reinforcement design). He took some other online course as he mentioned, but this time he worked on learning other software programs.

Finally, Mr. Nizar stated, honestly, online study is one of the best methods that can be beneficial. It opens a wide world for us, in which I really got benefit from it and it somehow quenched my thirst for my interest in civil engineering, in addition to other courses related to my specialty.

It should be mentioned that Mr. Nizar Shakr Piro graduated from University of Newcastle-UK and got MSc in Electric Engineering and Solar Energy.

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