Online Defense Discussion of PhD Thesis

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On Sunday, 2nd May 2020, via online by the Google Meet Platform, PhD thesis final defense of postgraduate student “Zaman Salih Hassan” entitled “Sport Marketing Awareness Management From the Sport Associations In Kurdistan Region-Iraq” in the field of sport was held.

The discussion committee consisted of the following members:

  • Prof. Dr. Falih Jaaz Shalash / Soran University / Head.
  • Prof. Dr. Walid Khalid Hamam / Mosul University / Member.
  • Prof. Dr. Khalid Aswad Laikh / Muthana University / Member.
  • Prof. Assis. Dr. Ozer Saadi Ismail / Salahaddin University / Member.
  • Prof. Assis. Dr. Shamal Salahaddin Ahmed / Soran University / Member.
  • Prof. Dr. Wadih Yasin Khalil / Qalam University / Mmber and Supervisor.

It is worth to mention after six hours of discussion of the thesis by the committee and the defense by the student, he was awarded the PhD degree.