Online Discussion of Master Thesis



On Sunday, 2nd May 2020, via online through Google Meet Platform, Master defense discussion of postgraduate the student (Muzhda Sadiq Hamadamin) from the General Science Department-Faculty of Education was held.

The thesis presented by Muzhda was entitled “A comparative study of the difficulties of applying cooperative learning method at the scientific laboratories between Soran University and Salahaddin University in lecturer’s point of view”. The discussion committee of her master thesis consisted of the following members:-

  • Prof. Dr. Fadhil Khalil Ibrahim / Soran University / Head.
  • Prof. Assis. Dr. Samih Ayden / Tishk University/ Member.
  • Prof. Assis. Dr. Mazin Shrzad Othman / Soran University/ Member.
  • Prof. Dr. Omer Yasin Ibrahim /Salahaddin University / Member and Supervisor.

It is worth mentioning after a detailed discussion and assessment of the thesis by the committee and the defense by the student; she was awarded the MSc degree.