The First International Online Examination of PhD Dissertation of the Scientific Research Center



Soran University Today, on the 3rd of July 2020 an international PhD examination committee examined the PhD thesis of Mr Muhammad Qurshy Askandar Pirouei titled “Geochemistry, Mineralogy and Mapping of Newly Discovered Iron Ores and Stream Sediments Elements Patterns Associated with Listvenites And Fuchsites Mineralization In Rayat District, Iraqi Kurdistan” supervised by Prof Dr Kamal Kolo from SRC and Assist.Prof. Stavros Kalaitidis from Patras University.

The committee was formed from Prof Dr Sardar Mohaildeen as Head of the Committee and the members: 1.Prof Dr Alain Preat from Université Libre du Bruxelles – Belgium. 2.Assist Prof Petros Koutsovitis from Patras University-Greece. 3.Assist Prof Shahrokh Rajabpour from University of Concepcion- Institute GEA-Chile. 4.Assist prof Hikmat safi Al-Jalileel from the Department of Geology Salahddin University. The student after several hours of examination was awarded the title of Dr with the grading of Excellent.