A lecturer of Soran University has written a book related to Nietzsche Philosophy in English language



the book was entitled (From Epicurean Delight  to Dionysian  Joy:   Nietzsche  understanding of Tragedy Issues) in English language by “Mr. Kamaran Aziz”, a lecturer in Sociology Department-Faculty of Arts was published in English language.

This book was published by Lambert  Academic, and was about Nietzsche  philosophy and it is available now. This book is a philosophical investigations to more understanding between Nietzsche  and  Epicurus. In the philosophical view, both philosophers had their own manner and characteristics and a great impact on western philosophy. Both philosophers talk about various subjects, twine problem of life and death, reality and imagination, and investigates of other philosophical subjects. When you read some of Nicha’s works, the impact of Epicurus is clear and obvious through the works. Nietzsche  had nothing to Epicurus but  admiration as well as calling him the idylic hero. And then the philosophical bond ends with tension and Nietzsche  attacks Epicurus hardly as his own special manner. From the book (Anti-Christ),  Epicurus is depicted as a typical decadent. This philosophical  shift is the main aim of this book.

There is an attempt in this book to find out the suitable answer of various questions, like:  

What’s the philosophy turning point means for Nicha’s philosophy? What will be the final consequence of this turning point? If we consider Nietzsche as an Epicurean philosopher, then what derives Nietzsche to show Epicurus as a typical decadent?  Could Nietzsche pass over his own master?

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