Mahdi Mustafa‌ "The main concern of pedagogy training is to prapare learnears to possess the class and to take the responsibilty in developing and succeeding the academic process".



 At least in the past two years, a new vision of academic progress came into existance in Kurdistan universities. This vision is particularly at the point in which training is needed for the academic staff in terms of making studying environment more productive and dynamic.

This new vision, which is known as Pedagogy, is the alternative of the previous methods of teaching, and emphasizes on some important subjects of studying, which guarantees the productivness of this environment. Starting from the way of using technology and the various tools of studying and learning to the manner and behaviour of teachers with the students. In addition to putting the students in the center of the education process. In an answer to a question from the university media about the Pedagogy training, what it includes and how it made its way, Mr. Mahdi Mustafa, the director of Pedagogy Training and Academic Development Center of Soran University stated" As it is obvious that in the past years the Methods of Teaching was arranged for new Master and PhD holders, which would last for only three months. Then the name changed from Methods of Teaching into Academic Capacity Development course lasting for six months. This course lasted for two years, then a change in the methods of teaching was felt and discussed, which led to starting Pedagogy training course. Further, the director of Pedagogy Center stated" Actually, pedagogy was the consequence of the necessity changes and scientific reforms in the methods of teaching, it was the product of a profound understanding and evaluation, taking benefit from the experience of Finland, and finally was applied in the universities of Kurdistan". concerning the difference between pedagogy and the previous course, Mahdi mentioned "Unlike previous courses, in pedagogy, the students are given the central role in class and the teachers acts only as instuctor, assistant and observer in the process of learning. In other words, learners are able to possess the class and take the responsibility of contributing in the development of the academic process. Also, learners are given the chance to blend with the process, understand the subject, widen their way of thinking and finally they can innovate on the field. Also he stated "The aim of pedagogy is to familiarize learners with all fields, psychology, education and information technology and prepare them with strong academic techniques leading them to have a great role in community". Regarding to student- center goal of pedagogy, the director of Pedagogy Center in Soran University also stated "pedagogy intesifies its focus on providing the students the chance to make inventions in their specialties and to build a bridge between the class and the real community, so that they can get a job after completing their colleges and to have a great role to fulfill needs of community. In other words, a responsible and innovative individual is prepared and educated with strong knowledge background to be pioneer and innovative inside and outside the university”. Concerning the participation in the course and the feedback of the participants, Mr. Mahdi said "The satisfaction of the graduates of the pedagogy courses in the universities of Kurdistan in the past two years is a sign that the pedagogy courses are new academic experiences for them, they could get benefit from the content of the courses and develop their academic skills. Nowadays, it has found its way with ongoing updates, more progress is expected. It is worth to say that so far two groups of teachers in Kurdistan universities have been sent to Finland to be familiar with the various aspects of the subject. Profile: Mahdy Mustafa Faqe Ahmed, born in 1987 in Rwanduz, Holds Masters degree in International Relationships and PhD student at the moment.