Some experts in Soran University participate in writing a chapter of a book.

Dr Muslih


One of the most obvious and challenging phenomenon of the modern world is the case of refugees and  migration of people from place to place. The political, psychological, cultural, social, economical and other various consequences of migration have always been the subject of ongoing arguments and discussions.

Refugees and migrants have always been in conflict between their past and their future. Recently, a book entitled "Refugee in a Moving World" was published. This book has been printed by Routledge Company and UCL Press, London University. The main focus of this book is on the matter of migrants and refugees from different angles in the world. One of the chapters in this book, which is concerned with Yezidis, is written by three experts in Soran University including, Dr.Muslih Mustafa, The president of Soran University, Dr. Nahro Zagros, former vice president of Soran University for scientific affairs and Dr.Tylor Fisher. In a statement to University media, Dr. Nahro stated “The title of the research we conducted, which became a chapter of the book, was (Palliative prophecy: Yezidi perspectives of their suffering under Islamic state and on their future), it sheds light on Yezidis life after the arrival of ISIS and all the tyranny, devastations and finally the impact emerged from such destructions". He continued "This research, as it is mentioned in the introduction, attempts to investigate and document all the calamities that Yezidis have experienced in the past and their relation to future events from Yezidis perspective". Dr. Nahro further said "The aim of the research is to show the ethno-religious minority perspective and record their responses from individual and group levels, It also tries to create a platform, where Yezidis can speak and can be heard". He also said that this research can have a good impact on removing the misconceptions and misunderstandings which have existed towards Yezidis throughout years resulting in using violence towards them.

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