Handren Center for Language and Cultural Research published six books



 In its latest activity Handren Center for Language and Cultural Research printed six books as the first step. In a statement to the Soran University media, Dr. Halmat, the head of the center, said "Previously, Handren center announced some projects in the center and worked on them in various fields of culture and oral literature, steps of writing and scientific research and dictionary".

Further, the head of the center, stated "Recently, in order to practice the projects, the center published six books in the fields of culture, folklore, and steps of writing and scientific research". As Dr. Halmat Baiz mentioned, the books include punctuation, didactic dictation, revision and its symbols, idioms in Rwanduz and its suburb, Hangaw photographical vocabulary pamphlet (English, Arabic, Kurdish) and special referee system for the young in Iraq". Moreover, Dr. Halmat Baiz talked about the classification of the books and stated "The books of punctuation, dictation and revision are dedicated for cultural and academic centers as a guide to improve the writing capacity. Also, the dictionary is an electronic classificational dictionary for three languages as the first step, while “The Idioms in Rwandz and its Suburb” is a part of a collection, printing the oral literature project, is another collection of all the workshops from the past years of the center and experimental works consisting of more than thousand idioms with explanation. However, for the translation part, there is a book “Special Referee System for the Young in Iraq” translated into Kurdish language.