A Master Thesis of Kurdish Language was Examined in the Faculty of Education



 On Monday, 21st September 2020, in the presence of the examination committee, the master thesis in Kurdish language of the postgraduate student "Bnar Hussein Ayub" was examined via online in the Faculty of Education, Kurdish Language Department entitled “Lexical Repetition in Kurdish Language”.

The examination committee contained the following:

1_ Prof. Dr. Fareidun Abdul Barznji, (Sulemany University), chairman.

2_ Assist. Prof. Dr. Dler Sadiq Kanabi, (Soran University), member.

3_ Assist. Prof. Dr. Sherwan Hussein Hamad, (Rapareen University), member.

4_ Prof. Dr. Qais Kakil, (Soran University), member and supervisor.

It is worth to mention that after a deep scientific discussion and defence from the student on the content of the thesis, the committee awarded a master degree to the student.