Examining a PhD Thesis in the Field of Psychology of Literature.



On Wednesday, Sep30, 2020, the PhD thesis by the student, Muzafar Mustafa Ismail, was examined at  Soran University-Faculty of Arts. The PhD thesis was discussed in the presence of the jury committee, consisting of a number of experts from Sulaimaniya, Charmo, Salahaddin and Soran universities and it was under the title "General Sense Reflection in KaKamam Botani's Novels". After few hours of discussion, the PhD thesis was accepted.

It is worth mentioning that the members of the jury committee consisted the following members:

 1- Prof. Dr. Fazil Majid Mahmood, Sulaimaniya University-head of the committee.

 2- Prof. Dr. Fuad Rashid Muhammed, Salahaddin University-member

 3- Prof. Dr. Mawlud Ibrahim Hassan, Salahaddin University-member

4- Prof. Dr. Hazhar Ahmad Abdulghafur, Soran University-member

5- Prof. Dr. Saman IzzaDin Saadun, Charmo University-member

6- Prof. Dr. Sirwan Jabar Amin (Zand), Soran University-member and supervisor.