A Master Thesis in English Language and Linguistics was examined in the Faculty of Arts.



On Sunday, 27 Sep, 2020, with the presence of members of the jury committee, the master thesis by the student, Talaat Latif Yahya, was examined entitled "Pronouncing English Final Consonant Clusters by Kurdish Learners among KRG’s Public and Private Schools”.

The members of the jury committee were the following:

1- Assist. Prof. Dr. Hoshang Farooq Jawad - Sulimaniya University- Head

2- Assist. Prof. Dr. Avin Muhammed Hassan - Zakho University - Member

3-Dr. Karmand Abdullah - Soran University - Member

4- Muhammed Basil Qasim - Member and supervisor

It worth to mention that after discussing the thesis and the defence of the student in his thesis, the committee decided to award the student with master’s degree.