Examining a PhD thesis in the field of Politics and International Relations.



On Monday, Oct 5th, 2020, in presence of the jury committee and a number of experts from several universities in Kurdistan, a PhD thesis by the student, Shallaw Abdulkhaliq Muhammad, was examined in Politics and International Relations Department in the Faculty of Law, Political Science and Management. The PhD thesis was entitled “The Role of Energy Diplomacy in Drawing Security Equations for the Middle East (Oil and Gas in the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries as a Model)”.

The jury committee consisted of the following:

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ihsan , head.

Assist. Prof. Dr. Omed Rafiq  Fatah, member.

Assist. Prof. Dr. Govand Hussen  Sherwani, member.

Assist. Prof. Dr. Othman  Ali , member.

Assist. Prof. Dr. Sardar Qader Muhiaddin, member.

Assist. Prof. Dr. Najdat Sabri Akraiy, member and supervisor.

It is worth mentioning that after the discussion and the defence from the student on his thesis, the jury committee decided to award a PhD degree to the student.