Examining a Master thesis in the field of English Literature.



On Saturday, Oct 3rd, 2020, in the presence of the jury committee, the Master thesis by the student “Roshna Rashid Sabri" was examined. The study was entitled “Alienation on the Move: The Postmodern Status of Estrangement in Selected Literary Works”. The jury committee consisted of the following:

  1. Assist. Prof.Dr. Ismail Muhammed Fahmi, Salahaddin University, head.
  2. Assist. Prof. Dr. Sherzad Shafih Babo, Salahaddin University, member.
  3. Dr. Mahmood Nawzad Hassan, member.
  4. Dr. Hawzhin Rashadadin Ahmed, Soran University, member and supervisor.

It is worth to mention that after the discussion and the defence from the student on her thesis, the jury committee decided to award the student with the MA degree in English literature.