A Lecturer at Soran University published a book about academic writing



In the context of his academic works, in order to serve students, teachers and generally academics, Mr. Farman Hassan, a psychology expert and a lecturer at the Psychology Department in the Faculty of Arts, published a book entitled “The Principles of Academic Writing”.

In a statement to the university media, Mr. Farman highlighted some aspects of his book and stated "The book is divided into three chapters. In the first chapter, the frame of academic writing and the most important characteristics of academic  writing are introduced, these characteristics distinguish academic writing from other writing styles. Further, the basic elements of academic writing and the steps of academic writing as a cognitive and mental process are explained. Finally, the linguistic requisites of academic writing  are illustrated”.

Concerning the second chapter of the book, he mentioned "In the second chapter, I have mentioned the most important types and styles of academic writing, including articles, reports, scientific letters, short research, synthesis, research and research books, book review, literature  review and revision in scientific journals.

The writer of the book "The principles of Academic Writing" also stated that the third chapter is devoted to the ethics of academic writing, including academic integrity and the principles of academic integrity are introduced. After that, plagiarism is defined, in particular from the  perspective of university and academic centers. Moreover, the types of plagiarism, factors of plagiarism, the methods for avoiding plagiarism, the fundamental needs to avoid plagiarism, the tools for detecting plagiarism and the most common cases and phenomena of plagiarism are mentioned.

It is worth mentioning that in writing this book, the author has relied on a number of different sources related to the principles of academic writing  in Arabic, English and French languages. Finally,  the book was published by Mekhak printing house and is now available in Mekhak library in Soran and other libraries in Kurdistan.