Examining a PhD thesis in Kurdish Department



 On Wednesday, Dec 9, 2020, in the presence of the jury committee, the PhD thesis by the student, Karwan Kakabra Kakamad, was examined at the Beshikchi Hall in the Faculty of Arts. The thesis was entitled “Dyslexia among Kurdish Students: University Students as Example”.

The jury committee consisted of the following:

- Prof. Dr. Qais Kakl Tofiq - head of the committee

- Assist. Prof. Dr. Bestun Hassan Ahmed - member  - Assist. Prof. Dr. Avesta Kamal Mahmood - member

- Assist. Prof. Dr. Sherzad Saeed Sadiq - member

- Assist. Prof. Dr. Araz Hakim Raza - member

- Assist. Prof. Dr. Dler Sadiq Nabi - member and supervisor.

It is worth to mention that after the discussion of the thesis by the jury committee and the defence from the student,  the committee decided to award the PhD degree to the candidate.