Examining a PhD Thesis in the field of Physical Education



On Monday, 14th December, 2020, the PhD thesis  by the student, Omer Fazil Omer, in the  department  of Physical Education-Faculty of Education- Zeravany Hall was examined. The thesis was entitled  “An analytical study of some biomechanical variables and the activity of the muscular electrocardiogram  of shooting  from jumping with or without the defenders for the female players of Basketball”.

The jury committee consisted of the following:

1- Prof. Dr. Hashim Ahmed Suleman, Mosul University, head.

2- Prof. Dr. Yasin Omer Muhammed, Sulaimany University, member.

3- Prof. Dr. Saadullah Abbas Rasheed, Salahaddin University, member.

4- Prof. Dr. Nihad Ayub Qader, Koya University, member.

5- Prof. Dr. Odai Jasib Hassan, Kitab University, member.

6- Prof. Dr. Wadih Yasin Khalil, Qalam University, member and supervisor.

7- Prof. Dr. Mumtaz Ahmed Amin, Soran University, member and supervisor.

The committee decided to grant the PhD degree to the candidate after the thesis discussion and the defence from the candidate on the content of the thesis.