A researcher in the Faculty of Science- Chemistry Department published two researches

Hussin Mahmood


In the continuation of his academic works, Dr. Hassan Mahmood, lecturer and researcher in Chemistry Department-Faculty of Science, published two researches as following:

1- Publication of a research entitled “Grafting of Ag nanoparticles on SrCrO4 nanostructures: green synthesis, characterization and photocatalytic study for organic dye degradation” in the scientific journal “Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics” with the impact factor (2.22).

link of the research:


2- Publication of a scientific research entitled “Synthesis, Characterization and Photocatalytic Activity of FeCr2O4 and FeCr2O4/Ag Nanocomposites” in the scientific journal “Journal of Nanostructures”, which is a journal indexed in the Scopus.

Link of the research: