Centre for Pedagogical Training and Academic Development



Soran University’s Centre for Pedagogical Training and Academic Development (CPTAD) was established in accordance with Ministerial Order (1772) on 28th October 2019 with an aim to provide quality training through equipping and familiarizing our teacher trainees with innovative pedagogical tools and skills.

We believe that for current and future teachers to be able to operate effectively within their teaching and professional contexts, either schools or universities, they need to possess and develop certain core competences including digital, facilitative, communicative, ethical, evaluative and entrepreneurial competences that are the pressing need of 21st century teaching and education.

Since its foundation, our pedagogical training center has been able to run two courses of training and 72 participants have attended the course so far. The teacher trainees that have attended our training program include both school and university teachers. As there are more applicants who are willing to take the course, our center, with its existing capacity, intends to run continuous training courses to meet the local demands.  

The first training course started from 19th January to 19th July 2020 coincided with pandemic outbreak and the complete lockdown. Given the fact that our teaching staff are well-equipped with necessary digital skills, shifting to online classes and virtual training was a smooth move to take. After the successful completion and the satisfactory feedback received from our participants, the center launched its second round of training on 11th October 2020. At the moment, the center is making necessary preparations to open another training course.

Beside the ongoing training courses that provide the opportunity for MA and PhD holders to gain pedagogical qualification which makes them eligible to start their teaching career, the center has also been arranging continuous intensive courses for over 162 current staff members of Soran University so that they can be familiar with the principles of Bologna Process and the fundamental themes of modern pedagogy, namely student-centered approach, innovative pedagogical methods and assessment tools, competence-based education and entrepreneurship. 

Finally, the center of pedagogical training and academic development has been an important step towards changing the teaching and learning processes within school and university contexts which is part of a wider national vision is to develop and reform systems of education and higher education.

Study Modules:

  1. Information and communication Technology
  2. Student-centred Approach
  3. Innovative Pedagogical Methods and Assessment Tools
  4. Competence-based Education
  5. Edupreneurship (Educational Entrepreneurship)
  6. Research Development

Teaching Staff:

All our staff members have participated in the Pedagogical Training Program and Professional Development in Finland (Hame University of Applied Science) which was intended to allow different pedagogy centers in Kurdistan Region to design a new curriculum and program for teacher education. 

Dr. Mohammed Ali

Dr. Karmard Abdulla Hamad

Mr. Mohammed Hussain

Mr. Mahdi Mustafa

Dr. Nabaz Nawzad

Dr. Abbas Salihi

Dr. Saeed Noori