Examining a PhD thesis in the field of Biology at the faculty of Science                         



On Tuesday, January19, 2021, at the  the presence of a local expert committee, a PhD thesis by the candidate, Sara Omer Swar, was examined at  Biology Department-Faculty of Science, the thesis was entitled “Ultrastructural and Molecular Characterization Of Sarcocystis  Species (Lankester, 1882) Isolated From Domestic Sheep And Goats in Soran city, Erbil-Iraq”.

The jury committee consisted of the following:

- Prof. Dr. Adil Kamal Khizr, head.

- Prof. Dr. Wijdan Muhammed Salih Miro, member.

- Prof. Dr. Adnan Issa Albadran, member.

- Assist. Prof. Dr. Amina Sabah Mahmood Jumaa, member.

- Prof. Dr. Ali Hussein Hassan, member.

- Prof. Dr. Bushra Hussein Shnawa, member and supervisor.

It is worth to mention that after an intensive  discussion for hours, the committee decided to award the PhD degree in Biology  to the candidate.