A PhD thesis was examined in Sociology Department in Faculty of Arts



On Tuesday, 2/02/2021, in the presence of a scientific committee of local and foreign experts, the PhD thesis by the candidate, Yassin Hussein Mamand, was examined in the field of Sociology Education. The thesis was entitled “Education and Development of Human Capital in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq”

The jury committee consisted of the following:

- Prof. Dr. Mohammed Sadiq Khoshnaw, Lebanon-France University, head.

- Assist. Prof. Dr. Media Ibrahim Fatah, Soran University, member.

- Assist. Prof. Dr. Ayub Qasim Karimi, Soran University, member.

- Assist. Prof. Dr. Muslih Qadir Abdullah,  American University in Baghdad, member.

- Dr. Hiwa Majid Khalil, Salahaddin University, member.

- Assist. Prof. Dr. Saeed Shams, Soran University, member and supervisor.

-Assist. Prof. Dr. Raza Arjmand, Lund University, member and supervisor.                                                                   

It is worth to mention that, after a detailed scientific discussion, and the defence of the candidate from his thesis arguments, the committee decided to award the PhD degree to the candidate.