A researcher in the Faculty Engineering published two researches

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In the continuation of academic activities, the researcher from Soran University, Aryanfar Haji Sherwani, published the following two scientific researches:

First research was entitled “Rheological behavior and fresh properties of self-compacting high strength concrete containing recycled PP particles with fly ash and silica fume blended” in the journal ‘Journal of Building Engineering’, which is among Elsevier publications with the impact factor (3.379) of level Q1 .                                    This study investigates the characteristics of high-out pressure resist concrete in the field of liquids, using recycle. 


  The second research was entitled “Mechanical properties and fracture parameters of ultra high performance steel fiber reinforced concrete composites made with extremely low water per binder ratios” in the journal ‘SN Applied Sciences’.            

 The journal is among Springer's publication and indexed by Master list. This study illustrates the mechanical and fractal properties of high resist concrete using Steel Fiber. Further, the ability to withtake concrete of 160 Megawatts for more than one Megapascal is achieved. 

Link of the first research:


Link of the second research:


 It is worth to mention that the researcher is currently busy completing his PhD project in Germany, which is a joint project between Soran University, University of Erfurt for scientific departments in Germany and Sciffield University in England.