Examining a master thesis in Arabic language department of the faculty of Arts



 On Monday, 12/04/2021, the examination of the master thesis by the candidate, Aras Siso Abdullah, in Arabic Language Department was held in Beshkchi Hall of the Faculty of Arts. The thesis was entitled "Textual Coherence in Emad Alddin Al-Kurdi Al-Badlisi’s poems from the poem book  (Rashpuzhan)”. 


The jury committee consisted of the following members:

1- Dr. Dildar Ghafur Hamadamin, head of the committee.

2- Dr. Fazil Hama Saeed Amin, member.

3- Dr. Shawkat Taha Mahmood, member.

4- Dr. Rebwar Abdullah Khatab, member and supervisor.

  It is worth to mention that after an intensive scientific discussion, lasting for several hours and the defend from the student of the arguments of his thesis, the jury committee decided to award the master's degree to the  candidate.