Examination of a master thesis in the field of Kurdish Language in  Faculty of Education



On Monday, 17th May, 2021, the master thesis “The Return of Zardasht in Ahmedi Mula” by the student, Mohammed Nabi Ibrahim, was examined in Kurdish Language Department-Faculty of Education.   

The jury committee consisted of the following members:

‎     1. Prof. Dr. Mohammed Amin Abdullah,  Sulaimani University, head.              

  1. Assist. Prof. Dr. Sangar Qader Shekh, Erbil Polotechnical University, member.                               
  2.  Dr. Kamaran Ibrahim Khalil, Zakho University, member.
  3. Assist. Prof. Dr. Hazhar Ahmed Abdulghafur, Soran University, member and supervisor. It is worth to mention that after an intensive and scholarly discussion on the thesis and the defence from the candidate on the content of his research,  the committee awarded the candidate master’s degree.