The Manuscript center of Soran University and Zahawi center collaborated on a project



On Monday evening, May 24, 2021, during  Faqe Qadir Hamawandi conference held by Soran University Manuscript Center in partnership with  Charmo Research Center at Charmo University,  a delegation from Soran University led by Dr. Mohammed Ali Hussein, Vice President for Scientific Affairs and members, Dr. Hemin Omar, Director of  Manuscript Center, and Dr. Mohammad Abdullah, Head of the Manuscript Advisory Committee visited Zahawi Center in Sulaimaniya.

The delegation was welcomed by Dr. Sabah Barzinji,  Head of the Center and the members of the center, Dr. Ismail Barzinji, Dr. Hussein Mohammed Pshdari and Dr. Mariwan Hama Darwish.

During the meeting, Zahawi  Center expressed its gratitude for the meeting with Soran University delegation and appreciated the work of Soran University Manuscript suggesting some activities and conferences in partnership. The Delegation of Soran University agreed to collaborate and help. Finally, they decided to arrange  scientific  activities in other sectors in the future for both manuscript center of Soran University and Zahawi Center as well as  preparing to sign a memorandum of understanding between the two centers.

However, it should be mentioned that Zahawi Center is a center for mental research.