Examination of a master thesis in the field of History



   On Wednesday, 2/6/2021, in the presence of the jury committee, the master thesis of the candidate, Sa’adadin Sleman Shwan, was examined in History Department. The thesis was under the title "Political and Military Relations between Kurds and Al-Khwarizms (590-628 Hijri /1195-1231 AD)”.

  It is worth mentioning that after discussing the content of the thesis, the jury  committee awarded the candidate a master's degree, the jury committee consisted of the following members:

  1. Prof. Dr. Krevan Mohammad Ahmed, Dohuk University, Head of the Committee.
  2. Assist. Prof. Dr. Musa Muhammad Khidhr, Salahaddin University, member.
  3. Assist. Prof. Dr. Salar Hama Gharib, University of Sulaimaniyah, member.
  4. Assist. Prof. Dr. Mahdi Osman Hussein, Koya University, member and supervisor.