Publication of a scientific research by two researchers in Civil Engineering Department

Rezgar Aryanfar


In the continuation  of their collaborative  academic works, the two researchers and lecturers in Civil Engineering Department, Aryanfar Haji Sherwani and Rizgar AbdulRahman Omer, published a scientific research entitled :“Influence of Rock Powder on the Geotechnical Behaviour of Expansive Soil”. The research was published in the international highly ranking Scientific journal ‘International Journal of Geosynthetics and Ground Engineering’,  which is indexed in Scopas list .


The study is concerned with identifying and discussing the problems of the soil layers  in Soran area along with the solution to this issue, using stone-crashed rocks that have emerged from  ‘Bani Harir’ tunnel. Also, the study has come up with significant results concerning reducing the thickness of the mixed layers in road design.

Link of the research: