Publication of Two Scientific Researches by a Researcher in the Field of Law



In his latest scientific work, Hassan Mustafa,  the director of law directorate of  Soran university and lecturer in the Faculty of Law, Political Science and Management, published two scientific researches. Thus, the  first research was entitled "The Election of the Philosophy of Human Rights in the Constitution and the Decision of the Constitutional Courts", published in ‘Social Contact Journal’, a half yearly scientific magazine,

issued by ‘Legal Research Center of the Ministry of Justice of the Kurdistan Regional Government’ that is devoted to publishing legal researches in three languages, Arabic, Kurdish, and English. The research asserts on some philosophies of human dignity and how to reflect  in the constitution and decision of the courts of the United States, France, Germany,  and comparing to the system of law and the constitution of Iraq.

Link of Social Contract magazine:

The second research was entitled “ISIS CRIMES IN SINJAR: FILING A LAWSUIT BEFORE ICC AND REPARATION MECHANISMS: CRITICAL AND ANALYTICAL REVIEW ARTICLE” published in the scientific journal ‘PalArch’s Journal of Archaeology’. However, the research is concerned with the crimes committed by ISIS in Sinjar, according to the rules of laws of the International Criminal Court, and  the mechanisms for compensating the victims are  discussed and investigated.

Link of the research: