Publication of a Collaborative Research by Two Lecturers in the Faculty of Science

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In their latest collaborative  scientific work, the two lecturers and researchers in Biology Department in the Faculty of Science, Dr. Sarbast Bradosti and  Avin Rostam Khidhir, published a research entitled “Curative effects of Allium siculum in ethylene glycol induced kidney stone in male albino rats” in the scientific journal ‘Kuwait Journal of Science’, a journal, which its impact is recorded in databases of (Scopus, SCIE, ISI).

The aim of the study was to find out the role of natural plants in treating kidney stones. This study was conducted on white male rats. First, kidney stones were made for the rats, and then the plant was given as a medical treatment for kidney stones.                       

The results showed that the plant plays a very effective role in solving kidney stone problems and problems caused by the stone due to a significant proportion of beneficial chemical components for solving health problems.

The research is available in the following link: