Examination of a Master Thesis in Kurdish Department in the Faculty of Arts



On Sunday, August 22nd , 2021, in the presence of an expert committee, the master thesis of the candidate, Farooq Aziz, was examined, under the title "One-Step Components in Kurdish language".

The jury  committee consisted of:

- Prof. Dr. Qais Kakl Tofiq, Soran University , head of the committee.

-Assist. Prof. Dr. Sherwan Hussein Ahmed, Raparin University, member.

-Assist. Prof. Dr. Zainab Jalal Ahmed, University of Duhok, member.

- Assist. Prof. Dr. Dler Sadiq Kanabi, Soran University, member and supervisor.

It should be noted that after discussing the thesis and  defence of the candidate of the thesis, the committee decided to award a master's degree to the candidate.