On Wednesday, Oct 6th , 2021, attended by a scientific committee, the master thesis of the candidate, Sami Farman Mirza, was examined in Computer Department. The thesis was entitled "Kinect Sensor-Based Kurdish Sign Language Recognition using LSTM and ESN”.

The Jury committee consisted of the following members:

1- Prof. Dr. Hamdamin Sadeq Aminifer, Soran University, head of the committee.

2- Assist. Prof. Dr. Azhin Tahir Sabri, Koya University, member.

3- Assist. Prof. Dr. Zrar Khalid Abdullah,Charmo University, member.

4- Assist. Prof. Dr. AbdulBasit Kamel Faeq,Koya University, member and supervisor.

 It is worth to mention that after discussing the thesis and  the defence  of the student on his thesis, the committee decided to award the candidate a master’s degree.


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