Directorate of Dormitories:


This directorate provides dormitories to those students that are coming from outside Soran city, it also monitors them. This includes all dormitories: those for boys and girls. This directorate also provides students with: washing machines, refrigerators , air conditioners, cooks, gas bottles, stoves, oil, heater, cupboards, beds, and other essential needs. In addition to this, there are evening-shift employees who are ready to repair any damage from any part or machine of the dormitories.

There are currently (50) dormitories (34 for boys and 16 for girls). Each year, the number of the students and dormitories increase. This due to some systematic reasons related to the the increase of faculties.

It is worth saying that this directorate is linked to Soran University vice-president. Some of the employees of this directorate work in the morning shift and some others in the evening shift.


This directorate includes the following departments:

1. Storing and Provision Unit

2. Boys Dormitories Unit

3. Accountant Unit

4. Girls Dormitories and Administration Unit


The names of the employees:


1. Zozk Sabah Rasul

2. Muhammad Mahmoud Qader

3. Shadya Jawhar Muhammad

4. Narin Jamil Hama Asaad

5. Maryam Antar Khal Hamza


1. Bakhtyar Gyar Hamid

2. DAlya Hassan Ali

3. Juan Tariq Muhammad

4. Nahide Hassan Azeez

5. Bafreen Zaher Omar

6. Khalil Abdullah Azeez

7. Qahar Waheed Othman

8. Hussein Yaseen Muhammad

9. Shakir Rasheed Salih