Directorate of Engineering and projects

Directorate of engineering and projects was founded in 2009 as a technical and prosecuting directorate to evaluate and supervise the projects related to university according to modern engineering designs. 

Directorate of Engineering and Projects Construction:-

Directorate of engineering and projects is connected with the vice president for administrative and finance affairs.

The directorate consists of the following departments:

Office of Manager:

The manager of this directorate is ( Nizar Shakir Piro), who holds master’s degree in Electrical Engineering.

The manager runs all the departments.  He practices his powers for prosecuting all the technical and administration affairs, directing, applying, deciding, and sharing the duties and responsibly among all the staff. Furthermore, he is responsible to follow the instructions of vice president for administrative and finance affairs.

First: Planning department:

The responsibility of this department is given to a person who should have at least five years of experience and holding at least Bachelor’s degree in the Engineering field. This department contains all engineering fields (Civil, Architecting, Electrical and Mechanic) including technicians.

This department contains three units:-

  • Planning unit and project investigation.
  • Design and mapping unit.
  • Revelation unit.

 Planning Department Duties:

Planning Unit and Project Investigation is responsible for the following practices:

  • Preparing the value and financial, and technical benefit of projects.
  • Preparing the general description of projects, giving engineering consultation, archiving files and plans.
  • Identifying annual needs of faculties in terms of building in cooperation with faculties and finance directorates to process the payments within the university planning budget.
  • Preparing terms and conditions for contracts in cooperation with Directorate of Contracts.
  • Preparing all necessary documents related to the tender processes of projects in cooperation with units: Contracts, Law, and Finance.
  • Preparing all related investment documents and preparing for project implementation upon approval of tenders.
  • Forming special committees for project supervisors regardless of whether the projects are implemented by the university or those carried out by contractors in cooperation with directorates of finance, and law affairs.

Second: Projects Implementation Department

The responsibility of this department is given to a person with at least five years of experience in the project management field, and holding at least Bachelor’s degree.

Implementation Department has the following duties:

  • Supervising the projects and monitoring the committees of project supervision and implementation.
  • Field visits to project sites and observing the project implementation.
  • Suggesting the general policy of construction and supervision.
  • Participating in preparing terms and conditions for contracts.
  • Supervising the project contract processing and implementation.
  • Consultations with resident engineers about the manner of project implementation according to the schedule and plan of the projects.
  • Preparing municipality planing of projects.
  • Specifying payments for supervisors and monitors of the projects according to the finance guidelines in cooperation with finance directorate.
  • Evaluating the performance of the workers on the projects.
  • Assisting other departments of the directorate for implementing the plans.

Third: Evaluations Department

The responsibility of this department is given to a person with at least five years of experience in the field of Project Management and holding at least Bachelor’s degree in Engineering.

The responsibilities of this department are:

  • Following up on the supervision contracts, in addition to evaluating and monitoring them with the general parties and vocational affairs units.
  • Participation in receiving (starting and completing) of projects and accomplishing all legal affairs needed for projects in cooperation with directorates: Finance, Legal Affairs, and Vocational Affairs Units.
  • Receiving the timetable of the progress of projects and accounting, and implementing them in the official offices, as well as continuous follow-up of project schedules based on project field visits.
  • Monthly reporting to the manager of the projects about the ongoing of the work according the real work done and omitted work amount, these with notes and obstacles.
  • Preparing the list and reports of the accounting projects that are required from the ministry in cooperation with finance directorate and general directorate of projects in the ministry.
  • Work on providing the workplace or land required for the project in cooperation with the directorate of legal affairs.
  • Following up on work of starting and analyzing committees in cooperation with the concerned parties.
  • Forming a committee for pricing and providing extra time in cooperation with other departments of directorates.
  • Following up on all lab all tests, used materials for projects, and preparing periodic the approval for lab observations.
  • Participating in preparing the extrapolating of the university project budget.

Administration Department Duties:

  • Receiving and sending posts of the directorate to other departments of university and ministry.
  • Preserving the preliminary documents in a special file.
  • Preparing forms of permission and delegation of the staff according to the instructions.
  • Photocopying and printing special memos.


Director: Nzar Shakir Piro

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.