Finance Directorate

The Finance Directorate is one of the most important directorates of Soran University.  The directorate operates according to its limited framework and under the guidance of the Kurdistan Regional Government.
Head of the Directorate:Mr Michael Biro Manaf (He managesall financial affairs and supervises all activities of the directorate.)
The Directorate consists of the following departments:

Salary Department:
1. Kamal Fatah Abdullah –  Head of Department
2. Niva Mahmud Bazeed
3. Hanar Dilshad Qurtas
A: Organizing the salary list which requires the following steps:
1. Organizing the mainsalary list
2. Arranging changes in the  salary list
3. Organizing the short term salary list
4. Creating  the salary list for the bank
5. Creating anindividual account in the bank for each employee
B: Completing individual salary records for each month, and preparing other records such as:
1. The list which details the employees’ marital status and the number of his/her children
2. The records of the last salary
3. Monitoring the record of marital debt
4. Cooperating with the Inspection and Treasury departments regarding salaries
Before the salary list is sent to the treasure department to be spent, the lists are inspected in the inspection department in which all the aforementioned lists are compared.
C: The brief list consists of elements such as salary, diploma fees etc.  Reductions include absence, retirement, etc.The Change list deals with any changes in the employee’s status such as promotion, transfer, etc.
D: When the salary list passes through the Inspection Department, it is signed by the Head of the Inspection Department, the Head of Salary Section, the Head of Personneland the Vice President of Soran University for Administrative and Financial Affairs. The list is then taken to the Treasury Department. The list goes through a long process until it is ready for the issue of salaries.  
E: Every month a list a list is created which is the same as the one described in D.

Documents Department:
This department has a staff of three members. It is responsible for financial documents. It manages the work of the treasury and also deals with all those who visit them. For example, at the beginning of each academic year, students visit them to complete their financial matters.
1. Nahida Muhammad Azo
2. Nishtman Wahbi Mustafa
3. Sahar Khaled Salih

Budget Department:
 This department, which controls the University accounts, is one of the main departments linked to the Finance Directorate. It is responsible for setting the annual budget of the University, and preparing monthly revisions of the balance of the University, including the faculties.
1. Hemin Kamal Mustafa, Head
2. Jiwan Sadeq Said
3. Basna Hamid Ahmed

Expenditure Department:
This departmentmanagesthe money provided by the Ministry of Finance and Soran Treasury to be usedfor the salaries of lecturers, employees, contract lecturers and the faculties’ requirements.
1. Azeez Muhammad Sadeeq, Head
2. Luqman Muhammad Taher

Projects and Planning Department:
1. Muhammad Teli Khwaja, Head
2. Muhammad Piro Manaf

Treasury Department:
Treasure Department is responsible for saving and storing the revenues and the dedicated money of Soran University. The revenues include the sum of money taken from those students who enrol for the English courses at Soran University.
Head: Jawhar Ahmed Said.