General Registration


The Directorate of General Registration consists of the followings :

1.      Director of General Registration

2.      Room number (2) in the Directorate of General Registration

3.      Archive section

4.      Certificate section

5.      Faculty of Arts registration section

6.      Faculty of Law registration section

7.      Faculty of Education registration section

8.      Faculty of Science registration section

9.      Faculty of Engineering registration section

1. The duty of the Director General of Registration is to supervise and complete all the duties that are carried out in the different sections of the General Registration Directorate.

2. Room number 2: the duties of this room in the General Registration Directorate are the following:

a.  Admission and registration of students and the issue of university orders for admission

b. Issuing the university orders for bachelor degree graduates

c. Transferring student’s studies between universities according to the rules of transfer

d. Issuing the university order for changing students’ names

e. Coordinating with all faculties wherever necessary

f. Coordination with the Ministry of Higher Education where appropriate and necessary.

3.  Archive section

This section consists of four employees, with one being responsible for the section and three administrators. Their duties are to receive and send all files incoming and outgoing to the Directorate of General Registration.

4. Certification section

In this section there are three employees with one having overall responsibility working alongside two co-workers. Their duties are to issue certificate to the claimant. There are three types of certificate:

a.  Graduate certificate: this certificate is in the Kurdish language; it can only be issued once and only to the claimant

b.  Certificate with grades: this certificate is in both English and Arabic languages, the purpose of which is to enable continuous study, it consists of all the grades of the claimant and their average over the four years of study, the claimant can ask for more than one copy of the certificate but he/she will be charged 10,000 dinars for each copy and the completion of the appropriate form.

c.  Certificate of ………..) This certificate is only in the English language, and for each copy of this certificate the claimant will be charged 20000 dinars and the completion of the appropriate form.

5. The Faculty of Arts registration section: In this section there are three employees with one having overall responsibility working alongside two co-workers; they are responsible for tasks within the arts faculty,

6. The Faculty of Law registration section this section consists of two employees, one responsible person and a co-worker. They are responsible for registration section duties in the Faculty of Law

7. The Faculty of Education registration section consists two employees, one responsible person and a co-worker; they are responsible for students’ tasks in this faculty, mornings and evenings.

8. He Faculty of Science registration section has two employees, a responsible person and a co-worker.

9. The Faculty of Engineering registration section consists of two employees they work on the tasks in this faculty

The tasks and duties of the registration sections of arts, law, education, science, engineering, are as follows:

a.  Students’ admission and issuing their admission files after their acceptance

b.  Supporting the students’ and graduates’ concerns at anytime

c.  Transferring students from one university to another according to the Ministry of Higher Education regulations

d. Dropping a student’s studies (from one department to a lower one) according to the Ministry of Higher Education rules

Annual Administration Orders:

a. Administration order of admission after student acceptance issue of order

b.  Administration order for refusal of admission in the case of students who fail to  contact or visit the university within one month of admission acceptance.

c.  Administration order…………… for students that fail two consecutive years of study or fail one year after two or more postponements.

d. Administration order for deferment for students who request that they are deferred for one year.

e.  Administration order of punishment when students are in violation of university rules and regulations.

f.  Administration order for failed course when student’s absence from classes exceeds 10% of expected attendance.

g. Administration order for authorized compassionate leave where student absence is due to  serious reason (sickness, death in family, or marriage); evidence to support these circumstances is required.

h.  Administration order of failure due to cheating during examinations which is supported by evidence

i.  Administration order of …………..  For students who transfer from other universities and did not study one of the required subjects.

j.  Administration order to balance the transferred students’ studies with the courses and subjects at Soran University to equalize their degrees.

k.  Administration order for students transferred from other universities who have already studied subjects previously  so they will not have to repeat them.

l.   Administration order giving B.A certificate to students who have successfully completed four years of study; this is issued following the results of the fourth grade and the graduation ceremony.

m.  Administration order of dismissal; for students dismissed either temporarily or permanently for any valid reason.



Director : Assistant prof Dr. Baqi Jawad Shamsaddin

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