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Legal Affairs Directorate


The directorate of legal affairs, as an administrative department, consists of three subdivisions  per the instructions of Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific, and it is given authority of for carrying out the following tasks:-

First: Division of Documents:- 

This division is one of the departments that is specialized to prepare and approve the legal documents such as statements, power of attorney documents, administrative contracts and applying the general rules to other administrative departments of university.

Second: Division of General Contracts:-

This department is specialized in making general contracts that the university is a part of them.

Third: Division of Legal Cases:-

This division is tasked with performing legal consultations and following up cases that have legal dimension as well as participating in lawsuit cases among Kurdistan courts.

Qualitative Changes in Legal Affairs:-

After the amendment of the notary law No ( 33) of 1988 in Kurdistan Parliament by the law No ( 16) in 2012 and giving the authority to law directorates of Kurdistan universities to do notary dealings, the Directorate of Legal Affairs in the Presidency of Soran University arranged electronic legal paperwork for its undergraduate and postgraduate students in a way that is different from other universities. Electronic paperwork and filing was firstly implemented in Soran University amongst all of Kurdistan, and this was to alleviate the burden of undergraduate students and graduate applicants as well as to decrease the administrative red-tape. This step is a significant change, and it complies with the (Simplification of Procedures and the Development of Work) principle which means the easiness of administrative affairs and development in administration dealings. Thus, the electronic paperwork and filing has had significant results.

Contact information/

Manager: Hassan Mustafa Husen

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.