Legal Affairs Directorate

The Legal Affairs Directorate is one of the administrative units of Soran University and its main responsibility is to provide legal advice and take legal action where necessary. The directorate is administratively linked to the Presidency of the University.

1. Producing legal contracts
2. Taking legal action in Financial Assurance and Recognizance
3. Taking legal action in legal issues.

Name:                                             Position:
1. Didar Omar Khdhr                       Legal
2. Khasro Azeez Azeez                     Legal Assistant
3. Asos Muhammad Salih                 Legal Assistant
4. Hussein Mustafa Hussein              Legal Assistant
5. Kazhal Ahmed Ali                         Legal Assistant
6. Farik Abdullah Ibrahim                 Legal Assistant
7. Avan Muzaffar Muhammad          Legal Assistant
8. Salar Ahmed Othman                  Legal Assistant
9. Amanj Hussein Hamadamin         Legal Assistant
10. Rawesht Salih Rasul                   Writer
11. Abdullah Sadiq Awla                  Legal Assistant