Directorate of Transport

This Directorate is responsible for facilitating the transportation needs of lecturers, teachers, students and guests.

Units of this directorate:

Vehicle Unit – responsible for:

  • Transportation of university staff to and from their place of work, mornings and evenings .
  • To facilitate transport for visitors and guests .
  • To provide appropriate transport for student field trips and visits .
  • To supervise the maintenance of all vehicles in the Presidency .

Fuel Unit – responsible for:

  • Obtaining fuel for all the vehicles and equipment needed by the Presidency .

Store unit – responsible for:

  • The safe and secure storage of all vehicle equipment.
  • Maintaining records of returned used equipment to the financial .
  • To obtain spare parts for the vehicles .


Zryan Tahsen Hasan

Talan Baper Rasoul

Anjam Salh Abdulah

Aram Mohammad Rasoul

Aras Salh Rasoul

Eskandar Mostafa

Rekar Jafar Awla

Farman Abdulah Samad

Taher Mohammad Rasoul



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