Student Internships

Capacity Training Program is an annual program which is administered by Career Development Center of universities in coordination with IREX, the American organization, and also in partnership with the office of Vice President of Kurdistan Regional Government. At this program, students of third stage from different faculties take training of a period not less than 100 hours in a private or public sector establishment. The aim of this program is to organize the working experience that is related to the field of the student’s study, or it is the job target. Students can practically apply what they have learnt theoretically before in this training environment. Students will also be able to identify their desired career. This program places great importance on the private sector by means of building a bridge of connection between students and the private sector because the students take the training under the supervision of a professional individual. They will have the opportunity to prove and show their capacity and qualification to the companies. Via this program, students will be familiar with the job market, and they can prepare themselves after the graduation year according to market needs. Through this program also, students can achieve a better and richer CV as well as gaining a variety of soft skills which they, otherwise, would not learn in the classroom, and are important for job market.

The program is a multifold, it benefits not only students, but it is also a good resource for preparing professional workers by at a low cost or for free. The program allows the companies to not need announcements for vacancy opportunities, and search for qualified workers or spending a sum of money in training new workers. But the center offers students for the companies and after completion of the training and after the graduation they will be ready to start the job because they have already had experience working.

This program benefits the university as well, as it is a factor for a stronger and better relationship with job market, and also it is an opportunity for coordination and cooperation. Furthermore, it is a good assessment feedback of the success level of the university study program.

The Capacity Training Program starts in the summer season between July and September.

The registration and assessment for students and all procedures of 2019 were successfully done through a special online portal. In 2018, only 12 students of Soran University benefited from the program with three participating companies. But in 2019, the rate increased in a way that 65 students participated with 18 different companies and the program ended successfully. The students were from all the five faculties of Soran University: 39 students from Faculty of Science, 12 students from Faculty of Education, 9 students from Faculty of Arts, 4 students from Faculty of Law and Political Science and Management, and 1 student from Faculty of Engineering. It is worth mentioning that out of the  65 students, 47 were female and 18 were male.

It should be said that each student was assessed four times, two times by the CDC and 2 times by the job vendor. Some of the students have been promised to get hired by the training companies.  The maximum training hours were 312 hours, and that was performed by a student from Soran University. It is the highest rate of working hours among all universities.

At the end of the program, every student was given a participation certificate from the Kurdistan Regional Government, and IREX association.

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