Danar Abdullah: The feedback of the majority of companies that we have worked with is that they have not seen active and qualified students like students of  Soran University.



American Organization, Soliya: Soran University students are Committed, Serious, Active, and Skilled.

In today’s advanced world and business marketing development, relating specialties to market needs is the priority of all scientific institutes. The Capacity Development Center in Soran University, through the capacity training program, works on this issue. It has been able to build the bridge of connection in a very good way, and it works on developing it.  In this conversation, Danar Abdullah, manager of the center highlights the most important views, works and progress of the center.

On aim of the establishment of the center and with its focus and  purpose, Danar Abdullah stated: the Career Development Center was established in 2015 with the purpose of connecting students, graduates and faculties with public and private sectors of business fields. This center attempts to show and utilize hidden capacity of students in different fields and present them to the community according to high standards in professional qualification and academic achievement, so that they can choose a job that is connected with their desire, capacity and professional qualification.

On the subject of their activities and content of work of the center, Manager of Career Development Center in Soran University mentioned said: The center is directly in continuous contact with students because the activities and services of this center is exclusive to students of Soran University. Students can participate in activities of this center in two ways, firstly by participating in activities as participants, and secondly as presenters and major character on stage giving information to students.

The manager continued and said; it is our duty to familiarize students with the (Soft Skills) program which is not taught in the class, but they need it after graduation to get a job; for instance, how to write a CV, how to search for a job, how to do a job interview, confidence building, building a relationship, business etiquette , team working, delivering speeches, problem solving, management skills, small business building, these all beside opening courses of languages, computer and culture exchange programs and also arranging scientific trips to companies and different business places and participating in career exhibitions and competition.

On the matter of relationship with the companies, Daner Abdullah stated: building and strengthening relationships with private and public institutes is the duty of the center, especially with private sector. The center has reached to 3 companies and 18 different job owners in 2019 during the student capacity training program, and the rate is expected to rise this year. This is in addition to holding the competition for faculties of Soran University sponsored by 6 private institutes.

Regarding companies they (CDC) have relationships with, Daner Abdullah said that they are in good connection with Korek Telecom, Asia Cell, Coca Cola, and Huawei. In a recent international competition, Huawei invited Soran University students for participation.

One of the major points in this process is the feedback of the companies related to the students participation, concerning that, the manager stated: The center gives a great importance to the feedback of companies. After the students of Soran University participated in several workshops specific to enhancing jobs and small business building that were arranged for students by Rwanga and BFZ German organizations, these two companies indicated in their feedback that they had not seen active students like students of Soran University in other universities.

He also mentioned that the feedback of all companies in capacity training programs has been very positive for Soran University students. Some companies even promised hiring our students after the programs.

Furthermore, Daner also referred to the feedback of American Soliya Organization about Soran University students when the organization described them as: Committed, Serious, Active, and Skilled.

About  connections with the international institutes, Danar Abdullah mentioned that the center currently has a strong connection with the American IREX organization. The organization arranges several workshops and different activities yearly for career development centers.  German BFZ and American SOLIYA are two other organizations that have a great connection with our center.  Soran University is the only university in all of Iraq participating in activities of these organizations via Career Development Center, including Exchange Culture Program (Soliya Connect Program).

Regarding the performance of CDC and evaluations by international organizations and governmental ones, Daner said: according to a report by IREX, Career Development Center in Soran University is considered as the most active center among all universities in Iraq and Kurdistan. Daner also mentioned that the center was awarded with the best project prize among all Iraqi universities when participated in Design Day, then, in the conference of Business Development with the private sector companies which were arranged by IREX, the American organization. This is in addition to several competitions of Kurdistan universities in which Soran University was among the top ones most of the time. For instance, participation in the Engineering Project of Sulaymaniyah where it got the second place and also participation in National Debate of Kurdistan universities where it reached quarter-final stage.

Daner also talked about many appreciation letters Soran University’s CDC has received for their work. Among these letters are one from Deputy Prime Minister of KRG, another from Iraq’s Ministry of Higher Education, and one from Rwanga Foundation.

At the end of the interview,  Danar Abdullah mentioned the most important focal points that CDC works on to improve students’ abilities, the following list contains those topics:

  • Decision making
  • Teamwork
  • Problem solving
  • Public Speaking skills
  • Expression skills
  • Business Etiquettes

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