Galan Jabar: Some students were able to start their jobs after opening the exhibition for them. Our aim is to support students to be familiar with, and improve their skills in addition to studies.



A characteristic of universities is being dynamic, which it is related to the level of preparedness and activity of all characters that are involved. Happily and early on, Soran University has paid a special attention to appreciating these activities and engagements, and it has always strived to bring the different characters to practice.

Through these steps, students, on their part, have responded actively and competently by establishing various special groups with great passion and motivation in several fields.  One of these groups is the Platform of Skilled Students of Soran University. In an interview with the Soran University Media, Galan Jabar, head of the platform and a student of English Language department in the Faculty of Arts answered some questions focusing on some activities of the platform.

In the beginning, Galan Jabar said that the aim behind establishing the platform was to gather skilled students together, students who have special talents in several fields, and to work within an organized framework. This is in addition to encouraging students to believe in their abilities, to know themselves, to find and improve their hidden talents. Another point of gathering the skilled students is to bring them into an atmosphere of interaction and exchange of ideas so that they can improve their level of capacity and innovation, and be able to perform different activities.

Head of the Skilled Students Platform talked about the level of participation of students in the platform. She said that several students have been able to show their skills through this platform. We have arranged seminars, symposiums, and exhibitions for them where they proved their skills. It is worth mentioning that some students have found jobs after they exhibited their talents.

Concerning obstacles facing students and how they view those obstacles, Galan Jabar stated; students were not free from problems and still are not in terms of proving and improving their skills.  Many have given up on their skills because of their life situations, their classes, and lack of suitable time. And some of them believe that their skills are not given enough importance and not appreciated. These reasons are why many are not pursuing their talents. But our job is to encourage and help them to overcome the obstacles facing them. We can gladly say we have come a long way.

Another question was related to the nature and types of activities, she answered in this way and said that their activities include opening exhibition and performing literature debates and seminars as well as competitions; moreover, opening courses of drawing and environmental activities inside and outside the university. This is in addition to a mountain climbing group of Soran University students. Furthermore, the Platform celebrates international events on where students show their skills.

As far as their current activities during this Coronavirus pandemic, the head of the platform said that due to the pandemic of the Coronavirus and suspension of classes, they activities are focused on reading books (weekly) and recording videos of encouragement by university students and members. She also said that they will deliver an online photographing course.

Finally, Galan Jabar stated; I want to mention many who were not aware of the platform of skilled students of Soran University before, and students of different departments, have now successfully shown their skills via this platform by opening exhibitions. These talented students have achieved success, and even made inventions. What is encouraging is that female students are actively participating in different activities by showing their skills, such as poetry, painting, and writing. Galan also said: We have kept the gender balance in all of our activities of the platform; talented boys and girls of our university work together to do the best for the community, and will carry on our work.