Student Translates a Book During Corona Lockdown



If we have a look at the history of humanity, we notice that a small number of human achievements may have been made during times of ease and happiness. Every prominent success that has been made in history reached at times of difficulties and challenges.

With the breakout of Coronavirus, and after the Kurdistan Government announced total lockdown, including universities, as a protective measure, Redwr Ismaeel, a student of Faculty of Arts/ English Department-third year, translated a book. He did not just sit idly at home. Besides translating a book, he has made plans for other projects. In an interview with Soran University media, he shed light on some pints:

He mentioned, Corona was an opportunity to know himself, find his skills and understand that famous people have nothing that he does not have.

Redwr believes that this holiday should have been treated differently, and we have many other holidays which we only think of spending a nice time and going out. Redwr believes that although this is important, but it cannot show the difference of individuals and ensure the success. He continued and said most of the time when staying inside, I was thinking of the question “what is my goal in life? This is fifteen years that I am studying. What have I done to be a different person? Therefore I decided to do something that I have not done before.

Concerning his plans and projects said: I had some other ideas in addition to translating books, for instance; subtitling movies, and voice translating…etc. Translating books has been the hardest so far.

Redwr went on to say: I had no plans for translating a book, but one of my teachers, Sarwan Hassan encouraged and helped and informed me that this is the way of success; do not just sit there watching; this is a good chance you should take advantage of it, this chance is not testing you.

Redwr, talked about the book; this book is a literature book (story) entitled (Mapping the Silence of Dreams), by the author “Duane Gundrum”. Although this story is fiction, but it reminds us that imagination may suddenly turn to reality.

The story talks about the world of dreams: the people who are seen in the dreams; good and bad people, dark places, and their villages. These could come to the real life. When one dreams, his soul will be taken by them who use the body like a device and reach what they want.

Finally, Redwr says, advising those who are afraid of mistakes and do not try anything: please try and test them, leave fear and hesitation, and go toward the land of success. When I first started the translation of this book, I thought it may take a long time (nearly seventy pages), but let me be frank, I translated it in only four days.

So, nothing is impossible, but the word impossible itself is impossible.