Most of us may think what we call “poetry” in its common understanding as human imagination: an imagination that attempts to pass the real obstacles of life. But despite this, we always go toward poetry and literature. “Khalat Zrar” is a second-year student in International Relations department. She studies an art linked to reality of life. She has also turned to poetry. She wants portrait the beauty of her imagination by the most beautiful words. In the response to our questions, Khalat explained her views.

Khalat talked about her first interaction with poetry, and answered in a poetic way: “maybe it is not known how and when I first interacted with poetry because poetry is like the soul rain; no one knows when its first drop comes down. I have been writing poetry since I realized something special and difference in my soul.” She continued and said: “when I wrote my first text, I really didn’t know what poetry is and what its rules are. All what was important to me was drawing special things in my soul through some beautiful words. This was in the beginning of 2010.”

The young poet of university is proud of the Kurdish literature treasure and she believes that Kurdish culture is a rich culture, mentioning poets such as Malai Jziry, Ahmasi Khany, Nali, Salim, and Kurdi…etc. Regarding a question about “who has influenced her?” Khalat said: “In addition to the classic poets, the poems of Ranj Sangawy, which are very affable and unique, and Bakhtyar Ali are what I see as mirrors of the century. Up to the present moment, their works have had the greatest impact on me. Moreover, foreign poets present beauty such as Lngistn Hiuz, a black American poet, especially the poem “Dawn in Alabama” and Emily. The poems of Nzar Qabani also touch my soul, and are the source of beauty and lyric.94138091 1592716690876000 2354253728795590656 n

 ‘Poetry gives and takes from you’, regarding this statement Khalat said: “poetry has taken a lot from me, and has given me a lot. It has given me sensitivity which has made me not to think about superficial things of life. Poetry tought me a lesson which is responsibility. Maybe this in itself something taken away from me: like any individual in this community, I can perform and search for it. I value the love of my surroundings; therefore, it is great for individuals to be known, but what is greater is to be respected and beloved. I am grateful to God for giving me such a talent.”

On the topic of poetry and life, this student poet says: “I don’t think there are any separation between aspects of life and poetry; in a way, poetry is life itself. Poetry can be a writing of one’s life. It can come about from poverty, hardship, challenges of life. It is true poetry needs inspiration, but the point of separation between imagination and reality is seen by the poet the same way the poet can make poetry an imagination where people forget themselves. The poet can, in the same way, make of poetry a message to awaken the community and people, and create a reality. For example, poems written in resistance to tyranny against Kurdish nation have created a reality and that is how Kurds survive.

Finally, Khalat Zrar, related to the relationship between her as an International Relations student and Khalat the poet and the balance between them, she said: “although it seems that those who write poetry are different with strange etiquette and different personality, I believe one who loves poetry should behave like who they are. It is not possible to have two personalities. I have kept balance between Khalat as poet and as a student, to some extent. And sometimes I have gone beyond reality which is normal for anyone who has a goal of writing, whether a writer in a field of community and knowledge of life or any other filed or a poet wants to wander in her soul and imagination.

It is worth to mention that Khalat has held a number of poetry seminars, and participated in many TV programs.

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