International success for a Soran University student in the Martial Arts


After the Coronavirus narrowed or even stopped all activities all over the world, but even with this, several institutes adopted new methods to continue their activities. One of these institutes was the International KOBO Federation, which has delegations in fifty-three countries for Martial Arts. This federation held an international activity in cooperation with Kurdistan KONFO TOAI entitled Shadow Fight.

Vana Rashid Mahmood Shekho, a second-year student in the Faculty of Physical Education/ and a KONFO TOAI athlete, participated in this activity and was able to be one of the champions. In a speech to Soran University media, Vana said: I have been practicing this sport for years. Most days I go to the gym immediately after my college classes are done.

Regarding the competition, Vana stated: this activity was arranged by Mr. Jabar Bab Yazdin, Vice president of KOBO and Head of KONFO TOAI organization in Kurdistan. At the beginning it was arranged to be done only for Kurdistan team, but later the organizers changed their idea and invited delegations of other countries, in which 147 players from 11 countries participated. The activity was entitled (We Fight Covid-19 from Home). The participant countries were (Kurdistan Region/Iraq-Iran -Thailand- India – Algeria – Georgia – Egypt – Turkey – Germany – Holland).

Vana informed us concerning how the competition was organized, and said: to keep the athletes stay with sport, they were required to do their exercises at home then record it and send it to the organization supervisors. Later, the videos were posted on the social media networks. Vana also stated: this competition was entitled (Shadow Fight).

Finally, Vana thanked her coach and mentioned that he worked hard to develop her skills in this art and also to achieve success. It is worth mentioning that more than 20 female athletes participated in this competition; only 5 of them made it to success level. Vana was one of them. She achieved the certificate (International Quarantine CUP).