Moral Obligation of a University Student in the Corona Age



One of the most obvious aspects of Coronavirus may be moral responsibilitiy of individuals toward themselves and their surroundings. The world is going through an unusual situation and most doors are closed, but the needs are still there. One of the most valuable acts may be volunteering work such as protecting lives and providing people’s needs.

Harman Jaafar, a second-year student at the Faculty of Arts–English Language department of Soran University, who holds a Nursing Diploma, recently delivered health care services and aids to people in Corona time with a volunteer group. Harman in a speech to Soran University media stated: it is true that we have big problems, but starting with small acts encourages us to do great things as well.

As we all know, during the obligatory Corona holiday, life was almost completely halted. Even medical clinics were closed. Harman says: during the curfew, I , with some nurses from hospital staff, made a team to help people in need at home. We helped them with medical care and nursing, putting IV for patients, injections, and cleaning wounds.

Harman his team which was called (Angels of Mercy) worked in cooperation with the Soran Health Directorate and the American Organization FAI which was accompanied by some professional foreign physicians.  Harman continued his speech and said: my team and I were finding the people who needed to see physicians. We would go to see them voluntarily in their homes and provide them with necessary medications free of charge.

Harman also stated: we did not stop at this, but we asked the rich for donations. We then provided food for nearly hundred families of Soran. Finally, Harman said: my goal is to encourage people to do volunteer works because, in addition to serving, it is an experience of working and interacting with community.

It is worth to mention that Harman wrote several medical and protection topics for the university media during the Corona time. His writings were posted in the university social media pages.