Omer Wahab, the translator of the book “ Together is Better”, claimed that: My main goal of translating books is when I read a book, I really like my compatriots to read it too and get benefit from it.

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It may be very difficult to think about human progress without translation and approaching and warning human thoughts. No one can doubt the role of translation in the progress of human civilization. That is why different nations, through professionals and linguists, have always been trying to convey the thoughts of humanity around the world.

Student “ Omer Wahab” who is a third year student of English department of faculty of Education, as a part of his desire to translate as well as an intellectual and personal duty, a book entitled “ Together is Better” which is an inspiring book, translated from English to Kurdish. “ I remember when I was seventeen, after trying to learn a new language, I had taken a good step. From then on, I tried to find my abilities and talents. I felt that translation is an art that I can work on compassionately. These are the words of Omer Wahab in an interview with the university announcements and at the beginning of his speech that he pointed to.

Omer Wahab, who was invited as a young activist to a conference of youth in Malaysia revealed his aim of translating and said; “Translation is an art   that the translator will be accustomed to.

Omer believes that those students, who know another language, should try to bring more sources and books to our country to enrich Kurdish library.  He, in a response to the question (why have you translated this book, what messages does it convey?) said; “there were three main factors in translating this book, and these three factors are enough for students to read it. First, this book gives joy to the readers, and  seeing every single page of it adds another smile on their lips. Second, it inspires the reader. Third, reminding them the greatest lesson of life, which is being together, is better than being alone.  It teaches us that asking for help from others is very important, working alone is difficult and faces more obstacles. But together is great, as the writer brings an African proverb (To go fast, go alone. To go far, go together).

Omer, during his speech to university  announcements, relating to the difficulties and obstacles facing him said; “ I had to know a great number of Kurdish vocabulary to convey a nice translation. The great problem of most translators is with vocabulary, I believe that the translator should be a good reader of the target language to be a successful translator”.   Regarding the centers and institutes of publication, Omer stated; “most of translators and writers in Kurdistan have difficulties. I noticed  most printing houses are looking for business, and they don’t think about  the progress of the Kurdish  libraries. Some writers believe that the current situation in Kurdistan is the reason of behaving in this way .  But finally, after reading my translated book once, Mekhak library accepted and showed their desire to print my book.

In his last words, Omer as an appreciation to Soran University and his teachers said; “after completing the book, soon some teachers expressed their readiness to review and proofread it and compare with the main context to avoid losing the main idea, which enriched the book and made me happy.Especially, my dear teacher Kovan Rizgar Dolamary, who helped me not only in proofreading, but in  many ways as well. In the other hand Soran University Presidency was in touch with the Penguin Institute to get the right of publishing more than two months, Soran University  helped  me a lot.  Undoubtedly, we all believe that “together is better”.



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