Azhin Jamil: we can make beauty out of immeasurable ugliness.



Although, the  artistic pleasure and artistic view of life can be noticed in everyone, but there are some specialties, when  one  goes deep into it, due to  the specificity of that field which work distances occur,  it loses its artistic pleasure. Law is one of these fields.

 Azhin Jamil, is graduated from business management and works at the faculty of Law and Political Science and Management of Soran University, she is one of  those people whose specialty  have not  been able to undermine her  artistic pleasure and prevents her from seeing the artistic life. As she says, “although the field and environment be hard, but still our desire and interest can change them into what we wish”.

When  we are asked about the  reason of our interest  for   doing something,  we refer directly to our childhood. But Azhin’s story is different, she says; “my career story is different from of most others who are  return their wishes to their childhood”.  She continues and states; “I started this work two years ago as a simple thing first, I designed a couple of shoes for myself, not as a career. Then, after I put them on, and my friends saw them, they liked them and thought I bought them in somewhere and asked me the name of the place. Therefore, this was an encouragement  to me and thought it may be my talent and I should work on it. And I kept myself busy with  such things since that time and in fact, my friends were surprised more every time with my products and it became more encouragement  to  keep doing it”.

Redesigning and recycling was Azhin’s philosophy in keeping and developing this work, recycling these materials that are out of use and damaged. She continued and said; ‘I do recycling and recycling and designing at the same time. Especially the second one has a great importance, because I think the ugliness is not the end,  beauty always can be created from the extreme ugliness and  exhaustion. Therefore, depending on this philosophy, I could  produce a very precious product by  the lowest price”. Azhin continues on her work hoping having her own brand and wishes this to be enhanced so that  regardless of developing her career, wishing to provide job opportunities for a group of young people in the near future. Though, as the first step, in addition to opening a special exhibition which has got a warm welcome, and showing her products via social media to make advertisement, as she mentions, she has planned to open more exhibitions, but because of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), all has been delayed. As Azhin explains; these works gave her a financial benefit, but the most important thing is spiritual relaxation via working on these colorful materials in addition to increasing self confidence.

Related to the factors of being successfull in any business, Azhin says; “To succeed in any business, everyone needs to consider any idea , identify his/her abilities and  have a high ambitious”.

Based on her experience and developing her works as well as the appreciation of the people around her, Azhin  addressing young people and says; “it is true the community is full of challenges and all of us are experiencing these difficulties, but we should not give up and should know that life is precious and joyful as long as we  strive. Success is achieved  through persistence and  effort. It is also true that all of us have a kind of ability and talent, but certainly it is our wish and thoughts that approaches us to what we want.

 At the end of her speech, Azhin believes,  regardless of  people’s abilities,  associations should work hard and give more importance to help them. And she highly appreciates the efforts of Soran University staff starting from the president to the simple clerk who made the university a productive and hopeful place for all and an encouragement for developing individual’s skills.

The photos are  for the first exhibition of Azhin: