A student of Soran University provides researchers and law students a program with all the implemented laws



In the period of the Coronavirus pandemic, regardless of all the sad and painful experiences, the situation forced the individuals to look for suitable solutions and alternatives to resume their lives. Every obstacle has a solution hidden inside it, but we should find it.

Due to the close of the universities during the pandemic period, many students have faced certain challenges with their researches and subjects, among them were Law students.
One of the indicators of developing any country is the familiarity of its individuals with law and framework of law organizing.
Through familiarity with their country’s laws, people can organize their manners and behaviors. Thus, by performing this, it will be possible to have an ideal community.
So, we may haven't said much, if we say that an initial condition for achieving a civilized and an up-to-date community is highly connected with the availability and accessibility of laws for all people and awareness of them.
This feeling of awareness may be the reason encouraged Sanar Ali Mulla Omer, fifth year student in the department of Law in the Faculty of Law, Political Science and Management, to start collecting all laws and arrange them within a program to be available for researchers and ordinary people interseted in this field.
In a statement to university media, Sanar Ali said "when we were quarintained at home due to the spread of the pandemic of Covid 19, I planned to prepare a program to benefit researches, undergraduate as well as postgraduate students to enrich and support their seminars, conferences and symposiums based on the implemented law and rules of Iraq and Kurdistan region. To do so, I gathered all laws that were passed in Kurdistan parliament from 1991 to 2020, and also all these implemented laws that have been practiced in Iraq along with the total copies of Alwaqaih journal of Iraq and Kurdistan''.
Sanar, who has graduated from Institute, Computer department, has tried to get benefit from his computer experiece to embbed all the laws in that program.
concerning the content of the program, Sanar stated "This program is very helpful for students, researchers and even lawyers and ordinary people to download and print the law and rules easily. In addition to the rules, there are some books and sources available in the library section, so that students and researcher’s can get benefit from them when the access to the university library is difficult''.
Regarding the practice of the electronic devices, the student of Law department said ''this program works easily on mobile phones, laptops and desktop computers, as well as ipads. It is also valid on other systems such as Android and smart phones. One can get benefit from it by visiting this link:(https://justpaste.it/kurdestanlaws)،.
Generally, as Sanar explained, the program contains the following components:

1. All laws passed in Kurdistan region from1991 to 2020.
2. All laws passed by Iraqi Federation up to 2019.
3. Laws related to civil demands .
4. Laws related to penalty demands.
5. Laws connected to banks and companies.
6. All judgements and legislations of High Federal Court from 2005 to 2020 .
7. All lraqi laws and legalizations from 2006 to 2011.
8. All Alraqi Alwaqaih journal volumes from 1970 to 1989.
9. The protocol of the parliament sessions from 2007 to 2012.
10. All Kurdistan Alwaqaih journal volumes from 1991 to 2020.