Career Development Center of Soran University: Despite of the difficulties caused by Corona virus pandemic, in order to serve the students, we applied the Capacity Training Program as the only university



 The Capacity Training program is an annual program, which is managed by Career Development Center in partnership with IREX, an American Organization, KRG vice president office and Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

Third year students from various departments are trained through this program in private or public institutes in a training course with more than 100 hours. Regardless of the difficulties and challenges of the pandemic of Corona virus this year, but still the third year students in several departments of Soran University are participating in the same yearly program for their career development. Danar Abdullah, director of Career Development Center in Soran University, in a statement to the university media said "The aim of this program is to organize the career experience which is connected to the study of the students or their career goals. On the one hand, Students through this program can practice what they have studied theoretically in the previous years. On the other hand, students can choose their vision to the career they want. Besides, this program gives much importance to the private sector, which means that this program is a connecting bridge between the students and the private sector, because students are trained under the supervision of a professional person, and have the opportunity to prove their qualification and finally get the job". Danar Abdullah also stated "The program begins in summer season, between July and September”. Concerning the range of student participants, the director of the Career Development Center said “In 2018, only 12 students of Soran University got benefit from the program in 3 companies, but in 2019 this number raised to 65 students participanting in 18 companies and different institutes could complete the program successfully. For the year 2019, the longest period of working was 312 hours of a student in Soran University among all universities. As Danar Abdullah mentioned, the Corona virus has a negative impact on the study process and among them was the Capacity Development program, but after a firm study of the situation by the staff of the center, we decided to start the program again as the only university, and fighting back against the difficulties which fortunately in the last of July 43 students and 15 companies and institutes have started the program, the program is still ongoing. concening to the assessment process for the students, the director of the center said "Four assessments are going to be done for each student, two of them by the Development Center, and the other two by the work owner. Some of the students will have the chance to give a working place by the work owner after completing the program based on the qualification in place of training. At the end of the program, a certificate will be awarded to the participants by the Kurdistan Regional Government and IREX Organization. Ahmed Sherzad, a student of International Relations of the Faculty of Law, Scientific Politics and Management, who was trained in the Foreign Relations of the Kurdistan Government said "I had a good and important experience on the foreign relations and affairs of Kurdistan Region Government with international countries and communities. Performing these interns, we are familiarized with the theoretical side and via this program we benefit from it practically". Related to her experience this year, Zahra Kamal Anwar, student in the Faculty of Science, Computer Science Department, she is training at Van company in Hawler, she said "It was a good opportunity for me to experience in the field of graphic design and working with such programs as, Photoshop, Adobe illustrator and all the necessary devices. Muna Bahjat, who is a student in Biology Department– Faculty of Science, is training at Farma laboratory, she stated to the university media "I got much benefit from this program and achieved a new experience in both working in the laboratory, sensitive devices and various qualifications such as, team working, punctuality, kindness along with work ethics. Sarhang Mahdi, a student of Soran University- Faculty of Education-General Science, is a participant of the program at Ashty Hospital and is still training, he said "I was waiting passionately for this beneficial program and this year I could participate. Certainly, I can say this program is the most important chance in my life in career field, as it falls into our major and has practical and theoretical benefits at the same time. Some related photos of the students while training in various institutes.