Soran University held the second annual speech competition successfully



With the aim at showing the potential of students and providing bright opportunities, the second annual speech competition was organized by Soran University Career  Development Center to its students and was performed successfully.

The final stage of the competition was held online on Thursday 8/4/2021 with the presence of a huge audience. “A number of interesting topics were presented by seventeen participants in Kurdish, Arabic and English languages from the five faculties of Soran University” Said Mr. Danar, the head of Career Development Center.

Further, Mr. Daner stated that each participant delivered his speech in front of five judges in eight minutes. The competition, which was held in three stages, ended with the following results: 

  • Nawal Omer Hamadamin - Faculty of Arts- Arabic Department
  • Lavan Pishtiwan Osman -  Faculty of Arts -English Department
  • Muhammad Yasin Sleman -  Faculty of Arts- English Department

 It is worth mentioning that the winner of the competition is announced as a lecturer at Soran University for 2021.