One of the great threats on humanity is the rapid environment and climate changes. Therefore, concerned countries, and non-governmental organizations have stressed their attempts to prevent these threatens.

Dlband Ibrahim Haji, a graduate from Petroleum Geoscience department-Faculty of Science at Soran University and after several years of experience in the environment field as a volunteer, was recently selected as Kurdistan’s ambassador for (Climate Action Group) which works on climate and environment change.

In a speech to Soran University media, Dlband stated that this organization is an international non-governmental organization working in sixty countries globally and has 900 ambassadors in different countries in which they work to spread awareness about climate change. The organization works in partnership with more than 50 governmental and non-governmental organizations.

Dlban Ibrahim also talked about his duty in this organization from now on and said: I should perform various activities in my community and workplace which are related to climate and environment change issues. I then have to post the activity’s photos with them to show that Kurdistan is aiming at reducing the threats on climate change. Dlband continued and mentioned that his role continues until 2022, and they (the organization) would take the title from him if was not active. This is because they say: we do not work for fame only.

At the end, Dlband mentioned the reason behind being selected and said: my volunteer work experience in the field of environment, and my experience working in scientific studies with researchers of Petroleum Geoscience department on the environment issues were main factors behind my selection.


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